Workforce Housing Group is a development organization dedicated to securing and preserving long term affordable housing. We work collaboratively with for-profit, not-for-profit and government partners to execute redevelopment plans to ensure that our properties are affordable and well maintained far into the future.

The firm's principals have a long professional record of working in affordable housing and community development. They bring to this venture a wide range of skills in affordable housing, real estate, government and finance. Our work is infused with a spirit of community. The basis of a strong community is safe, well maintained, affordable housing.  Building that strong foundation is the first component of our work.  We strive to create physically resilient, financially viable and aesthetically beautiful housing through our redevelopment efforts.

We also believe that, as community members, we should create the opportunity for our residents and neighbors to thrive. We have created strategic partnerships with a wide variety of organizations with expertise in housing, education, the environment and the creative arts to renew our properties. Many of our properties had been subject to physical and financial distress. We are keenly aware of the damage that disinvestment can do to residents and neighbors. We have worked diligently to rebuild these properties.

We seek to bring more than just deep experience in building renovation and housing finance to our projects. We seek to create a platform where, in collaboration with our residents, community based organizations and technical experts we can all reweave the fabric of community.

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Reweaving the fabric of community

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